karenyoungABOUT MY MOM

May here. My Mom, KC Frantzen, agreed to write my stories because she thought you’d enjoy reading them. I asked for help because I have no thumbs, so I assist by lying in her lap when she transcribes. It seems to work!

Mom has spoken “critter” since she was a little girl. Her Dad is a veterinarian in Houston, TX. (There are many veterinarians in our extended family.) Mom started watching surgery when she was three years old and by the time she was a teen, she helped at the clinic during summers: cleaning cages & mopping floors, bathing critters, bookkeeping, running laboratory tests, helping clients. But her favorite thing was talking to my fellow four footers (mostly dogs and cats in Granddad’s animal hospital). That’s where she became fluent in speaking “critter”!

One of her favorite memories is when her Dad would come home with a patient who needed watching during the night. (They didn’t have emergency clinics for us back then. A veterinarian would have to go to the clinic to see about his patients, unless he brought them home.) He’d put the pet carrier on the dryer and Mom would get up on her tippy toes to peer in and to make them feel welcome and comfort them as best she could. You’ll have to get her to tell you about the marguay!


She started writing in elementary school and even won the school-wide contest with a story she wrote on deep sea fishing. But though she kept writing here and there, it was mostly just for her own fun.

When she graduated high school (she was 16), she had not figured out what to do with her life yet, so she decided to work full-time at the
clinic. In the spring of the next year, a teacher came in. Mom remembered her very own first and second grade teacher, Mrs. Strickland. So she decided that’s what she would do – go to college and become a teacher. She graduated with straight A’s (something she says is called Magna Cum Laude) with a double major in history and elementary education.

Mom taught fifth grade for a while, then worked for an oilfield supply company, then a pharmaceutical company, then she started a business. Eventually she met Dad and they got married in the back yard with one horse and two dogs and two cats as their attendants. Hans was one of them! He told me all about it. (At that time, Hans was about the age I am in May on the Way.) After they were married a while, Dad got a job working in Venezuela for about a year, so Mom went too. While they were there, they met the real life Sassy. Miss Sandy came for a visit and the story in the book really happened – just like that!

Mom has an active imagination – she’s still a kid at heart — she says from watching me! She seems to admire my spirit and my attitude having survived all I did when I was a puppy. We agree, the Creator has a plan! Of course, a lot of times we don’t know what it is until later. I mean, enduring the abuse I did, who knew that one day I’d be the star of my own book series? We both hope you are encouraged to know God loves you and has a perfect plan for you too!Karen2012

We all live in the hills of Middle Tennessee with my two Arabian horse BIG sisters and several of us adopted dogs. April (the Grouch) crossed the Rainbow Bridge in the summer of 2009, and Hans in January, 2010. Up until the last, he would still prance and dance for his breakfast. And… If you’ve read this far, you should know that I crossed the Bridge myself July 13, 2014. I was 14 years and one month exactly. My health took a turn for the worse in early spring of 2014, then I got lots better. I was playing as usual the day before I crossed the Bridge so it came as a bit of a shock. But we know the Creator’s timing is perfect.

My legacy continues in my books and with my sister, Tiana, helping Mom and visiting schools and greeting fans at festivals in real life. I know you’ll give her a warm welcome, too.

Thanks for reading. We love hearing from you. Please contact us and say hello!

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