“A completely delightful novel captured my mind this week… Although it could be a preteen novel, I am sure that children as young as kindergarten will be captivated by it, even if an older person has to read it them. And as I think of myself as being an adult, and I enjoyed it, as well, it must be a story for all ages…” Marianne

“I read to my 5 yr old daughter and I don’t know who enjoyed it more! Fun book!” Lindsey

“Your story was exciting, different and funny. I liked this book from beginning to end. I can’t wait for the next book in the series.” Patricia

“This book was so good I could not put it down…” Karen

“I totally enjoyed seeing the world through a dog’s eyes, and a clever dog at that…” W.S.

“I had great fun joining May on this journey, and I’m impressed with this sequel – the story, the characters, and another batch of great illustrations to go with them. Bring on book 3!” Amber

“So much fun you’ll wonder who will enjoy this Paris adventure the most: The kids or the adults? Friendship, Loyalty, Trust, Sacrifice, Courage and Love of Country… There is some amazing writing going on in this book.” Vince

“I give May’s adventures four paws up. That`s my highest rating, just so you know. I liked all the unexpected plot twists even if the action got my hackles up a time or too. Grrrrr. And there were some surprises I didn’t see coming. I love it when an author keeps me on my toes. That’s why May and KC Frantzen deserve my four paw salute.” a Sheltie

“Well written, with many twists in a fast moving plot, this second ‘May’ book is outstanding for it is packed with K9 (and feline) wit, fun facts, lessons and instructions. Basics for success, related by a delightful and colorful canine, are laid out in intriguing, fascinating and memorable form for children of all ages (8 to 80).” Jay

“For another high-energy espionage mission, pick up this book today! May the K9 spy is a definite must read for anyone who enjoys a great mystery, a Schnauzer who protects and serves her country with neat gadgets and helpful critters, while learning God’s truths for our own lives.” M.L.

“Once again, KC and May have stepped up to the plate for another five star review. They are so loved!” Nicole

“I enjoyed the mystery! I’m glad this is a series. Tweens need more book series to help keep them interested in reading!” Maria

“I found myself quickly turning pages to find out if May would overcome her fears and new dangers to successfully complete her first official mission as a K9 spy.” Sherida

“They just keep getting better and better. A great read for any age. We can all learn a lot from May the K9 Spy.” Cheryl

“What can I say? I just love KC Frantzen’s books about May the K9 Spy. A couple of years ago, while watching my dogs toddle around on our property, I attributed particular voices and dialogues to them as they were busy in said toddling. Husband chimed in and we had a lot of fun making it sound like our dogs were on a serious mission. It came as a pleasant surprise to read Frantzen’s book doing exactly the same. Well, not exactly the same. She did it much better and came up with far better stories!

“And either KC Frantzen did some awesome research, or maybe she’s been in person to the places she describes in the book, like St. Petersburg? The descriptions flow easily and I could imagine myself right there.” ~ Wyrd Syster


“Another fabulous book in the May the K9 Spy series. This one introduces the reader to a group of terrific kids as well as another dog and a cheetah! This book will keep you wondering just what will happen next as things seemingly go wrong, but work out in the end. I loved it!” ~ J Walker


This series for middle-grade readers (and those who simply enjoy a good story starring our animal friends) continues with Book 4, May Saves the Day: Situation in St. Petersburg. Most of the story takes place at sea, and between the setting and the unique cast of characters, there are plenty of new things for May and her readers to learn. Some of the spy terminology might go over the readers’ heads … but then again, I love how this story reminds us how smart kids can be and how much potential they have. 🙂

“These books would be great to read aloud with an elementary-age child; May’s point of view really stands out that way, as you hear the curiosity, enthusiasm, and energy in her tone. May is always coming up with new ideas, thinking about the case from new angles, and impulsively giving her all to track down leads.” ~ Amber H.


“I bought this book for my 12-year-old daughter, and she loves it! I highly recommend it for all ages, and I will certainly buy the rest in the series.” ~ S. Freitag


“Perhaps the best installment of May The K9 Spy series, KC Frantzen had really done it this time. She was able to capture not only the audience’s attention but also was able to capture their hearts. Each page of the novel is filled with either suspense, leaving the reader on the edge of seats or with excitement, leaving us rooting for both May and Cassidy. She has developed this style of writing, that pulls us into her world and sees what Frantzen had envisioned.” ~ Ning

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